Listening, analysis, dialogue, choice of approach, colourimetry, drawing, rough design, model making, choice of application techniques, planning, implementation, deadline… nothing is left to chance. The Osmoze workshop offers to accompany you from beginning to end.

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’’l’Art de sublimer vos espaces’’

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As a creator and manufacturer of customised artistic adhesive stickers, the Osmoze wall art studio is aimed at DPLG architects, interior designers, communication agencies, urban architects, landscape architects, decorators… in France and abroad.

Artistic creation serving architecture and interior and exterior decoration professionals.

The Osmoze wall art and graphics studio uses all the graphic technologies to meet your needs as architecture and decoration professionals: signage, artistic marking, wall design, vinyl cutting, scenography, wall decoration.

The Osmoze mural art studio puts its sales agency at your disposal and supports you in all your projects.

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As a designer and manufacturer, the Osmoze art studio also assists
companies, communities and public authorities.

100% creativity at the service of companies, right up to the installation stage, anywhere in the world.
The Osmoze wall design agency team accompanies you from the artistic definition to the realisation of all your wall decoration projects, personalised and original wall stickers, contemporary wall stickers and monumental wall works. We favour a creative approach based on observation, research and the integration of the know-how of the signage and design professions design.

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Nos dernières Références


Enjoy our mural works and our exclusive, poetic, vegetal graphic interventions.

From wall decoration to signage, there is only one step that we have delicately taken.

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